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Getting involved!

On the 22nd of October, our team came into work dressed in all pink attire. Whether that was a dress, shirt, tie or a full onesie, everyone got behind the cause and helped raise an amazing £290.22 which will go towards fighting the ongoing battle against breast cancer.

Since March 2020, the doors to hundreds of Breast Cancer Now's support events had to be closed and their researchers were kept out of their labs for 100 days or more. That’s why getting involved in this event was important to us as a company, helping the charity to support people when they need it and assist in making breakthroughs in research that will continue to drive forward progress.

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About Breast Cancer Now and what they do

Breast Cancer Now conduct research into secondary breast cancer that covers many different topics, from understanding how secondary breast cancer develops and looking for ways to prevent it, to finding better treatments and better ways to support people with the disease. And beyond this research which focuses on developing new treatments specifically designed for secondary breast cancer, they also hope that further areas of breast cancer research that we fund could also lead to new treatments that women with secondary breast cancer could benefit from.

Here are some examples of research happening right now:

  • Dr Damir Vareslija is studying how breast cancer spreads to the brain in the hope to reveal new treatment options to stop the disease spreading.
  • Professor Nicholas Turner is testing a new drug for secondary lobular breast cancer in a clinical trial ROLO.
  • Professor Gary Cook is developing a new way to tell, at an early stage, whether a treatment is successfully controlling secondary breast cancer in the bone.
  • Dr Fiona Kennedy is assessing an online support service for secondary breast cancer patients.