Kia Care Service Plans

Care 3 service plan packages are available from only £299

Kia Care is our service plan package tailored to suit the age and mileage of your car – making life easier for you and keeping your running costs down. Benefits include excellent value for money, fixed costs, transferrable packages to new owners and we only use genuine Kia parts.

Acorn Service Plans

Acorn service plan packages from only £12.99 per month

Running a car today has its costs and to ensure warranty continuation, performance and safety it has to be serviced on a regular basis as outlined by the manufacturer. Sometimes this is a cost that is overlooked until the time comes when a scheduled service is due.

If the Kia Care 3 Service Plan is not applicable to your vehicle then this is the package for you, which can also include all vehicle makes and models.

At Acorn we have designed a Service Plan to help ease the cost of ownership over an agreed period of time. A Service Plan can be individually tailored to suit your vehicle taking into account things such as proposed mileages covered, vehicle age, model, service schedule requirements and so on.

We currently have a large number of Customers who choose this option and who enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that their vehicle will be maintained as required and that they won't have to find a lump sum payment at the point of service.

A Service Plan enables you to budget for the required maintenance costs and allows you to choose from a range of convenient, interest and inflation free payment options. In effect you are securing tomorrows servicing costs at today's prices which has to make good sense.

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