The Auto Trader New Car Awards stand out from other car awards in several unique ways. Unlike many industry-driven awards, the winners of these awards are determined solely by the opinions of car owners, making it a truly consumer-centric recognition. Rather than relying on the perspectives of industry insiders, the Auto Trader New Car Awards collect feedback from over 220,000 UK car owners through an online survey.

The emphasis on real-world experiences and genuine opinions sets these awards apart. Car owners are given the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions about their vehicles, providing valuable insights based on their firsthand experiences. This approach ensures that the winners truly reflect the preferences and satisfaction levels of the people who matter most: the car owners themselves.

The Auto Trader New Car Awards encompass 23 award categories, and in 20 of those categories, the winners are determined by the thoughts and opinions of car owners. This inclusivity allows for a comprehensive assessment of various aspects of car ownership, giving recognition to a wide range of vehicles that excel in different areas.

Large 22599 Kia EV6 New Carofthe Year

Kia's Success in the Auto Trader New Car Awards

Kia has enjoyed significant success in the Auto Trader New Car Awards, particularly with its electric vehicle offerings. The Kia EV6, launched in 2021, has garnered praise from both owners and reviewers. With its striking design inspired by Kia's 'Opposites United' philosophy, impressive real-world range of up to 328 miles on a single charge, rapid charging capabilities, and diverse trim options, the EV6 has consistently received accolades.

The EV6's recognition as the New Car of the Year in the Auto Trader New Car Awards showcases its exceptional qualities. Consumers and industry experts alike have been captivated by its innovative design, extensive features, spacious interior, and remarkable reliability. One satisfied owner succinctly summed up their experience, describing the EV6 as the "best all-round car" due to its technology, range, quality, charging speed, and overall driving experience.

Another noteworthy Kia electric vehicle that has received recognition in the Auto Trader New Car Awards is the Soul EV. Originally launched in 2014, the Soul EV has undergone significant improvements while retaining its distinctive boxy design. It now offers a choice between two trim levels and battery options, providing consumers with greater flexibility. The Soul EV's achievement as the Best Value Electric Car underscores its affordability, strong reliability track record, attractive finance deals, and the added reassurance of Kia's seven-year warranty.

Large 22594 Kia Soul EV Best Value Electric Car

Kia's Commitment to Electric Mobility

Kia's success in the Auto Trader New Car Awards is a testament to the brand's dedication to electric mobility. The company's 'Plan S' strategy, initiated alongside the introduction of the EV6, aims to transform perceptions of Kia and drive the adoption of electric vehicles. Under this strategy, Kia plans to launch 15 electric vehicles globally by 2027, with nine of them set to be available in the UK.

The upcoming EV9, a six- or seven-seat electric vehicle expected to arrive later this year, further expands Kia's impressive electric vehicle lineup in the UK. With a focus on sustainable mobility, Kia is poised to contribute to the growing popularity and acceptance of electric cars, providing consumers with an increasing array of compelling options.