The EV9 has a strong and confident look, inspired by Kia's unique design philosophy that blends nature and modernity. This creates a seamless and captivating style, where sleek shapes and bold lines come together to form a modern SUV with both futuristic and elegant vibes.

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At the front of the EV9, you'll notice a confident and calm appearance with its clean lines and bold elements. The distinctive 'Digital Tiger Face' design, highlighted by the 'Digital Pattern Lighting Grille' and vertical headlamps, adds a touch of futuristic flair. The striking 'Star Map LED daytime running lights' further enhance this look, setting a new standard for Kia's upcoming EV models with their sophisticated lighting pattern.

Kia's design philosophy, which focuses on contrasting elements and enhancing the interaction between people and technology, has greatly influenced the interior of the EV9. The result is a comfortable and tech-savvy space that redefines what a family SUV can offer. Kia's emphasis on these principles has led to a harmonious and innovative interior design that reflects the future of automotive progress.

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Inside the EV9, you'll find an expansive high-definition Audio Visual, Navigation, and Telematics (AVNT) screen that provides an immersive experience. This screen seamlessly connects passengers with the digital world, making engagement and interaction effortless. Additionally, discreet touch buttons hidden below the AVNT screen provide easy access to functions like start/stop, AVNT, and HVAC control, contributing to a user-friendly and streamlined setup.