Explore hybrid at Acorn Mitsubishi

A Mitsubishi hybrid car is a vehicle that combines a traditional fossil fuel engine with an electric motor, allowing it to be powered by whichever is the most efficient for the current speed and conditions. A hybrid offers the benefit of reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while typically having a greater overall range than an electric car.

How do hybrid cars work?

A hybrid car uses a process called regenerative braking to capture energy from the brake pads and converts it to electricity. All hybrids do this to help with reducing emissions and fuel consumption when stopped or pulling away, but plug-in hybrids also allow you to plug the car in, dramatically increasing how far the car can drive purely on electricity.

Mitsubishi hybrid - cleaner than your standard car

Transport makes up over 30% of the UK's CO2 emissions and while alternatives to petrol and diesel cars have existed for decades, ever-growing concerns over Climate Change and CO2 emissions have increased the numbers of hybrid cars available because they’re greener than standard cars.

What’s the difference between an electric and a hybrid car?

An electric vehicle is powered entirely by a motor. A hybrid vehicle has an electric motor and a petrol engine. A plug-in hybrid tends to have a more powerful electric motor and a petrol engine. But there’s more to it than that…