Free to roam, easy to charge

One card, one bill and 480,400 stations including 30,200 in the UK.

The Kia Charge app gives you access to most UK and European public charging networks in one, convenient solution. From planning your trips to paying for charging, Kia Charge is the only app and card you need. Charging on the go has never been easier!

Free to roam, easy to charge

The largest consolidated network in the UK

Gain access to 27 UK networks, more than 85% of the UK’s public charging infrastructure.

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The all-in-one Kia Charge app

With the Kia Charge app and card, you can easily locate, access, charge and pay at more than 480,400 across the UK and Europe..

Kia Charge features a handy trip planner and consolidates all your public charging payments into one monthly bill so you have complete transparency over your public charging costs.

The all-in-one Kia Charge app

No access to Home Charging?

If you rely solely on public charging it is worth researching operators like Source London, Ubitricity, or Connected Kerb as these providers specifically offer convenient near-home charging for drivers without a driveway or off-street parking.

Charging providers are continuously improving and adding to their charging locations and offer value for charging terms for local residents.

Want the fastest possible charging?

Ambient temperatures below 25°C can adversely affect how quickly your electric vehicle charges at the more powerful public charging stations. That’s why the Kia Niro EV and EV6 are equipped with pre-conditioning that prepares the battery – bringing it to the right temperature - before you reach a DC station.

This function automatically activates when you select a DC station to navigate to from the EV6 or Niro EV Kia infotainment system. This is intuitive technology that makes charging simple.

Charge and Kia power new possibilities

Kia has partnered with a pioneering EV charging platform &Charge, to reduce the cost of all-electric driving for its customers. By providing feedback on the charging stations, or shopping with &Charge partner stores, customers can now earn charging credits and together with Kia, help improve European charging infrastructure.

Kia is one of the first manufacturers to offer access to the &Charge platform, with the goal to provide a high-quality charging service, one that meets the standard set with the Kia innovative electric vehicles.

bp pulse — bp pulse bolt-on subscription

Kia Charge already gives you access to the bp pulse network but with our bolt-on bp pulse subscription and for just £7.85 per month, you benefit from significantly reduced kWh prices across Kia Charge’s largest individual charging network.

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