Kia Carens

The Kia Carens is another Kia in the range boasting stylish lines and the beautiful tiger nose grill. With a narrower, longer and slightly lower shape, the Kia Carens makes accessibility that much easier without sacrificing the fantastic amounts of space that can be found inside.
That space allows the Kia Carens to boast a whopping seven seats meaning it can accommodate a wide range of needs. The interior is intelligently laid out to allow for plenty of space for storage for your personal items.
The Kia Carens is also a perfect of Kia listening to its customers. The Carens offers a practical, stylish yet affordable MPV backed by Kia’s fantastic 7 year warranty giving you peace of mind knowing your Kia is well looked after if needed.

Driving the Kia Carens isn’t a laborious process, on the contrary, the ride is smooth, quiet and calm thanks to the build quality of the Kia Carens along with the diesel engine, pushing out a sensible 114bhp while achieving up to 60.1mpg and 124g/km of CO2 emissions. There is also a pluckier engine available with 134bhp and up to 56.4mpg.
Discover how the Kia Carens can work for you and find out more why Kia is so confident in the Carens.