Mitsubishi Motability

How Motability works in three simple steps

The First Step: Choosing your car

The first major step in the Motability process is choosing which car you’d like and what would suit you best. It’s vital that you experience a range of ours cars first hand to see which one suits you. Here at Acorn Group, we can arrange for an accompanied test drive or even a test ride; if you’re going to be the passenger in the vehicle rather than the driver. If visiting us just isn’t possible due to your circumstances, we can also arrange home visits.

We strongly recommend you experience a range of vehicles, but we also recommend you think about the following:

·         Can you get in and out of the car easily enough?

·         Is there enough room for everything you need to carry with you (e.g. mobility aids, wheelchairs, etc.)?

·         Can you use the controls easily as they are, or do they need to be modified for you?

The Second Step: Placing your order

When you’ve decided on the car you want, we’ll start setting up your agreement. This consists of entering your information, along with the information of the selected car into Motability online. Once this step is complete, the price seen against the chosen vehicle will be guaranteed to stay the same from this point forwards. It is also at this stage that a wide range of adaptations can be ordered for your vehicle which will be ready when you collect your vehicle.

Your eligibility is checked by Motability via the Department of Work and Pensions which is then confirmed back to us (usually within 48 hours) which enables us to place an order on your Mitsubishi vehicle.

Once these two steps are complete, we’ll be able to advise you when your new  Mitsubishi vehicle will arrive at our dealership, which could be in as little as a few weeks.

It’s important to remember though that in order to obtain finance for your vehicle, you will also need to sign a hire agreement between yourself and Motability Operations.
Finally, if you have an Advance Payment, it will need to be paid to us in one lump sum.

Step 3: Collecting your car

Once your delivery date has been confirmed, we will finalise your insurance, loss and damage protection details in order to ensure that the vehicle is legal to be on the road.

Once you come to us to collect your beautiful new Mitsubishi, we will give you a very thorough handover so that you’re familiar with the vehicles key features. We’re committed to ensuring you know how to operate your vehicle properly, especially if you have adaptations to better suit your needs.

Your vehicle will be taxed by Motability Operations, who will keep possession of the V5 document, but you won’t receive a tax disk.

Once all these steps are complete, you are then free to enjoy your Mitsubishi and explore the open road.

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